Pure Silk Single Ikat Patola Stole 48 Inch-Heavy Zari Tissue
Traditional single ikat patola weaving
Size: 48 x 90 in,
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Patola is a handloom stole, usually made of silk, which can be made either as single ikat or double ikat. Patola silk is considered as one of the best hand-woven silks in India. Single ikat sarees are vertically resist-dyed and the double ikat sarees are horizontally resist-dyed. Entire process of creating a patola saree varies from one month to a year. Generally, double ikat patolas take maximum time to make. Single ikat patolas take anywhere from 7 days to 21 days to make depending on the designs. Patola weaving is a lengthy process and requires high degree of precision and skills. Patola sarees have long longivety and do not loose their color and magnificence. These are often passed on as an heirloom to the next generations. Patola sarees are mostly worn on special ceremonies like baby showers as they are considered to bring good luck.

Made by:

This patola saree has been handmade by Mukesh Rathod of Sayla in Surendranagar district of Gujarat. He is an internationally renowned Patola master weaver. His creations are famous among celebrities, NRIs as well as patrons of Patola sarees from India. He is the only weaver of Gujarat who has received the "India Handloom Brand" mark from the Government of India. This distinction guarantees the authenticity and stringent quality standards that he maintains in his Patola Sarees.

Product details and specification

Size: 24 x 95 inches
Fabric: Silk
Single Ikat weaving

  • This is a handwoven product and there might be slight irregularities. These are inherent to handmade products and they add to their charm!
  • Product colour may slightly vary from the image shown due to camera light conditions and your monitor settings.

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