Hanging Lamp Hut- Molela Terracotta
Molela Clay Art
Weight: 1.2 kg approx
Natural reddish colour made from Geru (Red soil)
Dispatched within 3-7 day of placing the order
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Molela Clay art has existed since generations in the village of Molela in Rajasthan. Molela is a small village in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. Nearest city is Udaipur which is located around 60kms from the village. Molela clay art has been accorded the status of Geographical Indication (GI) by the Government of India. This has given this art and the people of Molela much needed recognition. We at GreatIndianBasket.com aim to take this art to its admirers.

Made By:

This piece of art has been showcased from the house of Takaji Terracotta Art which is run by Shri Bhagga Lal Kumar. Shri Bhagga Lal Kumar has been awarded by the Rajasthan State government for his traditional and modern art. He has an exquisite collection of clay arts both in traditional and modern designs.

Molela terracotta plaques can be used individually as home decors or can be used to decorate room interiors or building walls. A complete mosaic of plaques can be used to build beautiful theme based wall art.

Details of the product:
This clay terracotta is a symbol of rural housing in the form of hut. It can be used as a decorative show piece or can be used to keep lamps (diya) in festivals. The terracotta has been carefully crafted and painted with natural colours. It is eco friendly and will seamlessly match your home ambiance giving it a cool feel and look. It is made from highest quality clay from the lakes of Molela. Traditional moulding and baking processes give this product high durability and is quite resistant to normal day to day impacts.

8.5 inches
5 inches
Red Clay
1.20 kg Approx (Actual weight may change)

Note: Since this terracotta is a hand made craft, little variations are inevitable. You may get a piece with slight variations in minor details. But overall theme and look will be the same as displayed.


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