About us

They say, necessity is the mother of all inventions!

In this era of e-commerce, we can find numerous websites selling Indian arts and handicrafts without giving an assurance of authenticity and originality. Neither their source nor their prices are sure to be genuine. For example, you can get a Banarasi saree anywhere in India despite not been manufactured in Banaras. Same thing applies to Pashmina shawls, Paithani Saree and various other famous goods. You are not always sure of its genuineness. Moreover, the artisans do not get their due recognition and rewards for their creations because of middlemen.

Co-founders of this platform, two college mates, felt the lacunae in the current market and decided to build a platform exclusively for genuine artisans and handicraft manufacturers. Hence was born GreatIndianBasket.com, a basket where one can find everything "great" from the "great country, India".

GreatIndianBasket.com was formed with a vision to create a platform for the artisans of India to showcase their art and skills. GreatIndianbasket.com specifically provides a platform for the arts and handicrafts that have been recognised by the Government of India as Geographical Indications (GI) under the "Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act", 1999. This ensures that patrons of art get the best and most authentic handicrafts made in India. Every artisan or manufacturer of handloom or handicraft on our platform is certified by the Government after stringent quality checks and inspections and hence the customer is assured of 100% authenticity. So, customers, can rest assured that  they will have the most authentic art and craft available in India. 

GreatIndianBasket.com has adopted marketplace model of e-commerce. This model is perfectly in line with the government of India's mission of "Digital India". With the expansion of internet to the hinterlands of India, we aim to connect every artisan to the web by imparting them the knowledge of computers and internet.

We foresee a future where every artisan is competent enough to get online and use the vast possibilities that internet can provide. In this process, we aim to make artisans aware of the needs of modern times. There is a need to make contemporary designs, emphasize on packaging and ensuring high quality standards. This will help their art to be relevant and to be taken as careers by future generations.

With this vision in mind, we have started this journey to "discover India" and to take "made in India" to the world.

We maintain a blog journal of our journeys to various parts of India for exploring the art and handicrafts. You can read them to know the story of how a handicraft starts from being a piece of stone or wood before embellishing your homes!    

 This is a part of our vision. You can find more services under M/s Infistrides Pvt Ltd. Also visit infistrides.com for more details.